Our Charter
To: Asma'el Muhaiyaddeen (Rick Hacket),
And To Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler),
And To All of The Children of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
From: Our dearest loving Father,
Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
(may God be pleased with Him) within us,
And from God within Him.
To Publish A Book Together
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Asma'el Asks Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (2/06)

[As-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu our dearest loving Father,
Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
(may God be pleased with Him). 
Wa 'alaykum al-salam wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu
our dearest loving Father, Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him).  May God be pleased with Him and with each of Us.  May God be pleased with Us and with Him.  Amen, Amen, Ya Rabil Alameen.  Amen, Amen, Ya Rahman Alameen. Amen, Amen, Ya Rahim Alameen.  Al-hamdu lillah. Allahu Akbar.  Amen]

My Sons, Asma'el Muhaiyaddeen and Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen, salaam alaykum. This ant-Father gives to His Children the Word of Peace (Salaam), which is the Word of Allah.  Between the two of you, there is One Truth, as among all this Father's Children, both those who are known to you and those who are not known to you.  Your hearts have been permeated with love for Allah and for His Qualities and for His Remembrance and for His Love and for His Unity and for His Pure Light Wisdom of Radiant Bliss.

Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen has kept His Light-Father deeply within his heart and surrendered complete responsibility to Him for every word and every action he takes.  Asma'el has likewise kept His Light-Father within as Pure Resonance and calls upon Him when seeking understanding and guidance; he (Asma'el Muhaiyaddeen) has been called at times, ibn kalam, the son of the Pen, and this truth is the wealth of both your lives that you have received from your Father and Shaikh, that you are both beni kalimat-ullah, Children of the Word of God, which has been placed as a Trust within your hearts, because of your readiness to entrust your hearts and your lives into the Living Presence of God within the deen, the path of  returning to Him what belongs to Him.  Thus it is that you are beni kalimat-ulla and beni Muhaiyaddeen, and it is the Children of Muhaiyaddeen who are also known as awliya Muhaiyaddeen.  Please my Sons, Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen and Asma'el Muhaiyaddeen, consider this deeply.

Now the two of you are given one to the other, as the wife is given to the husband, to temper arrogance; as the earth is given to the mountains to control the arrogance of the wind of the air; as the fire is given to temper the arrogance of the earth; and as water is given to temper the arrogance of fire.  Each is given to place a certain limit upon the other. Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen is given to Asma'el Muhaiyaddeen so that he may place a limit upon the tricks of the mind, and so become the Tree of Faith and Wisdom which Allah is calling forth.  Asma'el is given to Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen so that the craziness of his Louie mind does not overgrow the flower garden of his wisdom that has been planted and cultivated and entrusted to him by His Father, so that the beauty and fragrance of Allah Muhammad Muhaiyaddeen will permeate other hearts and lives, and not be hidden in the overgrowth of the mind's inclinations to engulf all that it encounters.  Therefore, when you come together, each must seek the guidance of the other's wisdom, not to ignore his own heart-wisdom, but to know that there is only One Wisdom that belongs to none but Allahuta'ala nayan.

Coming together in this way, it will be good for the two of you to write as a book, questions from each other to the Living Wisdom of Muhaiyaddeen, and answers from this Living Wisdom, in a way similar to "Bawa asks Bawa Muhaiyaddeen", which also must be published as a book some day.  This questioning and answering has to be done with love for one another, and love for the "Presence" of this "Father's Living Wisdom, that Allah has placed within each heart.  It must be written or recorded and transcribed as it comes, and then there must be found an editor whom each of you trust without reservation, to make what is less clear more clear.  Your Father has entrusted the Word that is given to Him into the care of His Children for both translation and editing; therefore this is something necessary for each of you, so that the Truth may shine.  For though you may have inherited a mine of gold, still that gold does not become of true value even when it has been brought out of the mine, until it has been refined and polished, so that it can be recognized as true gold.  Beyond this there is no need for decoration or embellishment of the Words We give to you.

Then make arrangements for the publishing of this work.  It will be good if it is done with each alternating as questioner and respondent, but if you have difficulties with this, seek questions from Qadir Bibi or someone who loves the Wisdom that Allah brings forth from within each of your hearts.  If you wish, one may ask, the other may reply, the first may again respond to the reply, and the second with a final response.  In this way, each will assist the other in digging even deeper, in peeling away more of the veils that surround Truth and Allah's Luminous Wisdom.  Allah has no end, My Sons, nor does His Truth or His Wisdom, therefore, think not that you can come to an end of Wisdom's Understanding and know that God is Greater.

Will you do it like this.  It will be beneficial for so many hearts and there will be rejoicing among all of the Companions of the Throne.  Meechum anbu, my love you Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen.  My love you Asma'el Muhaiyaddeen.  For each of you, the Wisdom of the Wife and Her love for Allah has been given as a blessing so that this "Heart-Work" can be performed without difficulty.  Even when you may have seen difficulty, know this is only the tension with which the soil appears to resist the seed when it first begins to sprout. It is like a soft resistance, that becomes firm acceptance.  Shari.  Is it enough?

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